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Genealogy, History, Heraldry, 
Revolutionary and Colonial Records. 

Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record, -Vol. VII, 
Magazine of New England History, Vol. VII. 

JAN. -DEC. 1897. 
New Series, Vol. V. 

Et.en Putnam, Publisher and Editor. 
Danvers, Mass. 



An index of names to Vols. I.-IXI. will be found in Vol. III. 
An index to names, Vols. IV. -VI., will be found in Vol. VI. 


ADuoit. Note on 26 

American seamen in English Navy. 1804 126 

Andrews . ........... 110 

Ashtons of Marblehead, church records 95 

Beverly, Mass., Baptisms . . . . . . . . - . 161 

Bishop fancies, of Connecticut; James Bishop 120 

Book notes . . . 54,137,218,245 

Colonial reminiscence, A . . . . . . . . 239 

Danvers, Mass.; How, became a town ...... 141 

Essex County, court records 

Essex County Deeds, Abstracts from 

Essex County, Early probate records 

11, 195, 202 

22, 128, 190, 230 


From a family Bible 


.<•■ ■ 

Genealogies, including genealogical notes : 







Pabodie (Peabody) 


Scott . 

Gleanings from the Salem Gazette. 


Hampton Falls, N.H. First church records 
Hubbard, George, and some of his descendants 

. 110 


. 120 

. 236 

. 239 

1, 7f, 205 

. 110 

. 115 

217, 235 

. 125 

93, 112 

. 236 

Ipswich petitioners. 1658 . 




.'umbt : 


: . ! I 





-AND — 

..A^zine of New Enfknd Hisfoi 

Eben Putnam, Editor and Publisher, 








Elizabeth (Alden) Pabodie and Her De- 
County Court Records of Essex. ', 
Essex Couuty, Mass., Deeds. 
Abbott Note. 

Essex County, Mass., Probate. 
Parish Register, Stewkley, England. 
Book Notes. 


VOL. VII. NOS. 1 & 2. 

Whole Ko3, 57 & 58. 


VOL. V. NOS. 1 & 2. 


RY, 1897. 

■ • ■ -.,'•„ . , . ,!/.»■> Hf nnJ . ..-.,.,)..} 


Genealogical Researches in Ok 
New En ~ rid 

May be prosecuted witll every prospect of success If expert 
called upon. The undersigned will undertake commission 
genealogical nature, for which by inclination and training he j^ 
and endeavor to successfully solve problems presented, or to 
gate the accuracy of sapposed pedigrees. The charges are as m 
as can be justly expected for this character of work, which ]-■ 
always perplexing, and beyond the ability of amateurs. J 
knowledge of English records and acquaintance with reliable 
Genealogists has enabled satisfaction to be given in many ease 
the search was made in England. 


EBEN PUTNAM, Box 301, Sa!em 5 Mass. 

Member Essex Institute. K.E. Hist. Gen. See, Danvers Historical Society 
Cor. Member New Brunswick Hist. Soc, etc. 

TIagazfnes Wanted. 

Vol. I, Nos. 1 and 2, Septeraber and December. 1875, and Vol. 3, No. 4, Jn 
of the Maine Genealogist and Biographer. Other numbers offered in excl 
above. - 

Vols. 1-5 of the Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, am 

Bangor Historical Magazine, Vol. I., No; 2; Vol. IE , No. 1 ; and anyt! 
than Vol. IX., Maine Historical Magazine. 

SJslP* A few duplicate early numbers offered in exchange. 

Old Tiaies, Yarmouth, Maine. A set of this publication is desired. 

g^** Early numbers and volumes of the New England Historical Gen; 
Register, Mass. Historical Society Collections, N.Y. Genealogical 
graphical Record wanted. 


Subscriptions to^current issue of any standard magazine, various buck nu 
magazines, books, etc. Address, 

K, Box 5, Danvers, fl 


before August, 1623, when the "Anne" came in, bringing 
Alice (Carpenter) Southworth., who married Governor Brad- 
ford, in August, 1623. Elizabeth (Alden) Pabodie died in 
Little Compton, E.I., May 31, 1717, in the 94th year of 
her age. "June 17, 1717, the 'Boston News Letter' of this 
date notices thus her death: 'Little Compton. 31. May. 
This morning died here Mrs Elizabeth Paybody, late wife 
of Mr W ,n Paybody in the 93 rd year of her age. She 
was the daughter of John Alden Esq. & Priscilla his wife, 
daughter of Mr William Mullins. This John Alden & 
Priscilla Mullins, were married at Plymouth in New Eng- 
land, where their daughter Elizabeth was born. She was 
exemplary, virtuous, and pious, and her memory is blessed. 
Her granddaughter Bradford is a grandmother.' " Mr. Pa- 
bodie and his wife are buried in the Little Compton Ceme- 
tery. In the "Division of Cattle," May 22, 1627, Elizabeth 
Alden is given as three years old, and she may have been 
considerably more. Just before her death, it was said to 

"Rise daughter, to thy daughter run, 
Her daughter's daughter hath a daughter." 

This was Mary Whiting, born January, 1716-17. 

We will have to concede that she zvas " the first white 
woman born in New England." Peregrine White was the 
first white male, and Oceanus Hopkins born on the passage. 
The gravestones of William Pabodie and his wife Elizabeth 
are in excellent preservation. The descendants of Elizabeth 
Alden have put up a monument and inserted the old stone 
in the west side. 

On all sides can be found her children and grandchildren. 
Towards the south lie John and Sarah (Pabodie) Coe ; 
nearer James and Ruth (Rogers) Bennett ; west of them 
Nathaniel and Sarah (Rogers) Searl and their children. 
North of the monument we find the stones of William and 
Rebecca (Pabodie) Southworth, wlrile north-east are the 


graves of the Churches, Joseph Church and the "Hon. 
Colonel Benjamin Church, Esq." and their families. 

Mrs. Jane G. Austin has written a very charming book, 
"Betty Alden," but in regard to Betty Alden's character, 
she drew entirely from her imagination, and "Betty's" de- 
scendants resent the title and description. They say she 
was "dignified, a woman of great character, and fine pres- 
ence, very tall and handsome. In height she resembled her 
father, John, the tallest in the Colony — also her brother, 
Capt. John Alden, known as the 'tail man of Boston.'" In 
the list of the first baptisms in the Little Compton church, 
1704, her name does not appear ; but some names must be 
lost, for sixty-nine were baptized, and only sixty-three are 
fiven. Her husband was one of the organizers of the church. 
But we must not lose sight of the sterling qualities of Will- 
iam Pabodie. He was "a man much employed in public 
affairs and of much respectability." J. O. Austin's Genea- 
logical Dictionary of Settlers in Rhode Island gives very 
much about him, gleaned from the public records. He was 
town clerk of Duxbury, after Alexander Standish. When 
he took the office the town records were burnt, and he en- 
tered his own marriage, and births and rnarri;iges of his 
children, very carefully. Would he had done as much for 
the other families in Duxbury. He lived in Duxbury, close 
to the Brewsters and Standishes, east of Eagle-nest Creek. 

There has been much discussion as to when he went to 
Little Compton to live. In "1(381 he and two others are 
appointed to run the line betwixt the lands of Sacon-nett and 
Punckateesett to Dartmouth bounds &c." Tradition also 
has it that John Coe went down by boat from Portsmouth to 
Saconnett, landed on the shore near where William 
Pabodie's house stands, and took up his abode with him 
while surveying the land, and meeting his daughter Sarah, fell 
in love with her, and married her. This must have been before 
or in 1681. William Pabodie may have put up his house and 
taken his daughter down there with him before he formally 


left. Duxbury. We find him in Duxbury, June, 1684, and 
do not have certain proof oi' his> living in Little Compton 
before 1685-6, when he was selectman. The house that he 
built is still standing, tradition says, built with money from 
John Alden, his wife's portion of her father's estate. They 
also say that John Alden visited his daughter in Little 
Compton . 

The house remained in the Pabodie family till 1740, when 
it was sold to Pardon Gray, and is now owned by Mr. 
George Gray, a descendant. 

The descendants of Elizabeth Alden have reason to be 
thankful that it is in such good hands. 

Mrs. Gray, descendant of the beautiful Quakeress, Inno- 
cent Rowland, cares for it reverent!} as historic ground, and 
renders the place beautiful with its lovely flowers. 

Some few years back a colonial window was thrown out, 
and in making these repairs, some very old forks and knives 
were found, and a spoon of peculiar shape and material. 
The spoon is of bronze, and resembles exactly the bronze 
spoons used in Holland about 1600. (See Harper's Magazine, 
1896, September.) We can imagine this spoon brought in 
the "Mayflower," remaining in Duxbury till the death of her 
father and mother, it comes to the oldest daughter. 

When William Pabodie went to Little Compton all his 
children were married but his youngest daughter, Lydia, 
and we think his son William went with him and lived with 
him. His son-in-law, William South worth, and wife 
Rebecca, followed him soon, and it was not long before a 
number of his grandchildren began to settle there. 

His will was dated May 13, 1707, proved Feb. 27, 1708. 
Executors, wife Elizabeth and son William. 

"To wife east -side of house at Little Compton and part of 
the land given formerly to son William ; all to be hers while 
widow, and also to her all household stuff, cattle, bills due, 
und money ; but if my wife choose to claim her thirds of mv 


land and house at Duxbury (which I sold Samuel Bartlett) 
and make use of them, thon my son Wm. to have the whole 
of housing and lands at Little Compton and to pay Samuel 
Bartlett. 50s. per year during time that his mother makes 
use of her thirds in Duxbury. To son Wm. after death of 
his mother, the part of house and land, bequeathed to her 
for life. To son Wm. other land & all my books tools &c. 
To three grandsons, Stephen Soutlrworth son of daughter 
Rebecca, deceased, and John and Wm. Pabodie sons of son 
Wm. land at Westquadnaug, (west of Providence) part 
purchased by son in law Wm. Fobes of Shuebal Painter and 
assigned by Wm. Fobes to my son in lawlchabod Wiswall." 
He mentions also son-in-law Edward Southworth. To 
daughters Mary, Mercy, Martha, Priscilla, Ruth, Sarah, 
Hannah, Lydia, Is each. To daughter Lydia one sett of 
green curtains, she having already received her part. 

William Peabodie. 

1. 2 Wm. and Elizabeth 1 (Alden) Peabodie had the fol- 
lowing children, all born in Duxbury (Dux. Rec.) : 

2 2 John Pabodie, born 1645, Oct. 4, and died in Duxbury 

Nov. 17, 1669. We have no record of any marriage. 
41 The verdict of the jury was ' that hee rydeing on the 
road, his carryed hirn underneath the bow of a 
young tree, and violently forcing his head into the body 
thereof brake his skull. ' " — Winsor's Duxbury. 

3 Elizabeth Pabodie, born April 24, 1647. 

4 Mary Pabodie, born Aug. 7, 1648. 

5 Mercy Pabodie, born Jan. 2, 1649. 

6 Martha Pabodie, born Feb. 25, 1650. - 

7 Priscilla Pabodie, born Jan. 15, 1653. 

8 Sarah Pabodie, born Aug. 7, 1656. 

9 Ruth Pabodie, born June 27, 1658. 

10 Rebecca Pabodie, born Oct. 16, 1660. 

11 Hannah Pabodie, born Oct. 15, 1662. 
sa 12 Wm. Pabodie, born Nov. 24, 1664. 

13 Lydia Pabodie, born April 3, 1667. 


3 2 Elizabeth Pabodie (Elizabeth Alden 1 ) . 

Born hi Duxbury, April 24, 1647 ; died before 1707 ; mar- 
ried in Duxbury, Nov. 16, 1666, John Rogers, Jr., son of 
John and Ann (Churchman) Rogers, of Duxbury, a grandson 
of Thomas Rogers, who came in the "Mayflower." She was 
his first wife. After her death he married a widow, Marah 
(Browning) Newell, and on her death in 1739, administra- 
tion is granted on her estate to her sons, John and Moses 
Newell, of Brookline. John Rogers, Jr., was freeman 
1659; constable of Duxbury in 1670, June 5; surveyor of 
highways, 1671, Oct. 29, and several times afterwards. 
Constable again in 1681, June 7 ; and for several years he 
lived in Boston and Great Barrington. He owned some of 
the ili>:t lots in Tiverton and Little Ccmpton. lie died in 
1732. There has been much discussion as to the ancestry 
of the various John Rogerses, but Mr. Drummond's book is 
so conclusive, I have quoted his facts without comment. I 
refer readers to his book for further particulars. 

Children, probably born in Duxbury : 

14 3 Hannah Rogers, bom Nov. 16, 1668. 

15 John Rogers, born Sept. 22, 1670 ; died unmarried in 

Boston, Nov. 2, 1696. 

16 Elizabeth Rogers, born about 1672. 

17 Ruth Rogers, bom April 18, 1675. 

18 Sarah Rogers, born May 4, 1677. 

4 2 Mary Pabodie ( Elizabeth Alden 1 ) . 

Born in Duxbury, August 7, 1648; married, November 
16, 1669, Edward Southworth, son of Constant and Elizabeth 
(Collier) Southworth. She survived her husband. He was 
born "in Plymouth," says Winsor, but I think in Duxbury. 
His father, Constant, and Uncle Thomas were the only two 
children of Alice (Carpenter) Southworth, by her first hus- 
band, Edward Southworth. The Southworth pedigree can 
be found in Winsor's History of Duxbury. Constant South- 
worth married Elizabeth Collier, and had — 1. Edward; 2. 


Nathaniel, married Desire Gray ; 3. Mercy, married Samuel 
Freeman, 2d; 4. Mary, married David Alden; 5. Alice, 
married Col. Benjamin Church ; 6. Elizabeth, married 
William Fobes ; 7. William, married Rebecca Pabodie ; 8. 
Priscilla, married first, Samuel Talbot, and 2d, John Irish, 
Jr. Constant Southworth died Duxbury, 1679-80. His 
widow, Elizabeth, died in Bristol in 1682. Edward South- 
worth in his will gives : To Thomas Southworth land next to 
Capt. Alden's. To son Constant, land, etc. To son Ben- 
jamen. . To son John "I give my half purchased right of 
land at West Canoag, in the Government of Rhode Island, 
which I bought of Win. Pabodie, £ to sons & i to three 
daughters — Mercy Ayife of Moses Soule, Eliz. wife of Samuel 
Weston, & Priscilla Southworth. To grandson Cornelius 
Soule. & give to beloved wife Mary, one-third part of 
estate." Edward Southworth and family lived in Duxbury, 

Children born in Duxbury : 

19. 3 Mercy Southworth. 

20. Elizabeth Southworth, born November, 1672. 

21. Thomas Southworth, born 1676. 
^ 22. Constant Southworth. 

23. Benjamin Southworth, born 1680. 

24. John Southworth, born 1687. 

25. Priscilla Southworth, born 1693 ; died unmarried in Dux- 

bury, June 7, 1771. 

5. 2 Mercy Pabodie l (Elizabeth Alden l ) . Born in Dux- 
bury, Jan. 2, 1649 ; married Nov. 16, 1669, in Duxbury, 
John Simmons, son of Moses and Sarah ( ) Simmons. 

Moses Simmons, formerly written Symonsen, was born in 
Leyden, of Dutch parents. This Symonson family has 
been traced from a Samuel Symonson, who came to New 
York in 1640, back two hundred years ; and Moses and, 
probably his brothers and cousins, Thomas, of Scituate, and 
John, of Freetown, were of this family. There was but one 
Moses Symonson, w T ho married Sarah, and came in the 


"Fortune." He was not married in 1627, but Lad, besides 
John, Rebecca, called "eldest daughter," married about 1655, 
as his first wife, John Soule (George), and mother of all 
his children but Joshua, and possibly Josiah. Mary 
married Joseph Alden about 1564. Elizabeth married 
Richard Dwell ey and Sarah married James Nash and Aaron. 

"Mr. Edward Winslow in his brief narrative written 
in 1646 states : f Moses Simonson was a child of one that was 
in Communion with the Dutch Church at Leyden ; and is 
admitted into church fellowship at Plymouth in New Eng- 
land, and his children to baptism as well as our own/ 
Young's Chronicles, page 393." 

Moses Symonson died in 1689, and speaks of himself as 
" very aged." 

John Simmons made his will in 1715, and speaks of wife 
Mercy, and youngest son Moses, a minor; sons John, Win,, 
Isaac, Benjamin, Joshua, Joseph, Martha, wife of Ebenezer 
Delano, and Rebeckah, wife of Constant Southworth. His 
widow Mercy's will, in 1728, speaks of sons John, Win,, 
Benj . , Joseph, Joshua, Martha, Rebeckah, and Moses. Book 
5, page 487, Plymouth Probate Records. 

Children born in Duxbuiy : 

26 3 John Simmons, born Feb. 22, 1670. 

27 Wm. Simmons, born Sept. 24, 1672. 

28 Isaac Simmons, born Jan. 28, 1674. 

29 Martha Simmons, born November, 1677. 

30 Benjamin Simmons. 

31 Joseph Simmons. 

32 Rebeckah Simmons. 

33 Joshua Simmons. 

34 Moses Simmons. 

G. * Martha Pabodie l (Elizabeth Alden 1 ) . Born in Dux- 
bury, Feb. 25, 1650; died in Little Compton, R.I,, Jan. 
25, 1712. She married, first, in Duxbury, April 4, 1677, 
Samuel Seabury, son of John and Grace ( ) Seabury. 


He was born in Duxbury, Dec. 10, 1640, and died there, 
Aug. 5, 1687. She married, second, his second wife, Lieut. 
Win. Fobes, son of John and Constant (Mitchell) Fobes, 
born 1650, and died in Little Compton, R.I., Nov. 6, 

Wm. Fobes married, first, Elizabeth South worth, daughter 
of Constant and Elizabeth (Collier) Southworth. Her father 
was opposed to the match, and gave her her portion "pro- 
vided she do not marry Wm. Forbes, and if she do," then 
she was "to have 5 shillings." By Elizabeth Southworth 
Wm. Fobes had at least two children/ Phebe, born 1679, 
who married, first, a Smith, and then his son-in-law, Joseph 
Seabury, and Martha, born 1681, who married in Little 
Coinpron, in 1710, Josiah Sawyer, and had: John Sawyer, 
born 1711, died April 17, 1794; Mary Sawyer, born L. C, 
May, 1715; Abigail, born L. C, 1717; Priscilla Sawyer, 
born L. C, 1719 ; Josiah Sawyer, Jr., born 1728. As will 
be seen later, there was another Sawyer family similar to 
this, and it is very difficult not to confound them. 

Lieut. William Fobes was a man prominent in war and 
in peace, wealthy, of excellent standing in the community. 
I give below abstracts from his will, Taunton Prob. Rec, 
Book 3, page 112: 

ff I Wm. Fobes of Little Compton . . . Item. I give 
and bequeath to my son in law, Joseph Seabury, to him, his 
heirs, and assigns 15 acres of land in the " firste 24 Acre 
Lott"onthe South Side &c. Item. I give and bequeath 
to my son in law, Josiah Sawyer, to his now wife, Martha 
Sawyer, to have all the remainder of the 24 acre lott on the 
North side. Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter 
Elizabeth Briggs the wife of Wm. Briggs, the bed and fur- 
niture which are in her possession. Furthermore I give to 
her eldest son Lovett Briggs, and my Daughter Constant 
Little, and my grandson Fobes Southworth, and my grand- 
son Samuel Steabury, and my grandson John Sawyer, that 
acre of land which I have, lying near the meeting house of 


Little Compton, in the northeast corner of that land, that 
was formerly Daniel [illegible] land, which land shall be 
equally divided. Item. I give and bequeathe to my son 
John Little, and to my daughter, his now wife, all my land, 
lying on the wa} r e side of the great high way, being part of 
the eleventh great lott in number in Little Compton, with 
all the housing therein. And if my said daughter, Constant 
Little shall die without issue, then after her decease 3 & her 
husbands, then the said lands & housing to return to my 
grandson, Fobes Southworth, only my sd. daughter in her 
lifetime may bequeath to my granddaughter Rebeckak South- 
worth or to any other of my grandchildren 100 lbs of my 
estate. Item. I give and bequeath to my Grandson Fobes 
Southworth, the westward end of the fourth Great Lott in 
number from the great High way to the Sea or Pond, with 
the Ferry Boat, Wharf & housing, and all the Privileges 
thereto with the Serge & Mowable land lying between said 
land and creek etc. etc. 

"All rest of lands, housing &c. to John Little & wife, and 
Fobes Southworth to be equally divided, only Fobes South- 
worth to pay to Rebekkah Southworth £100, at her of age 
or marriage. John Little & Fobes Southworth or his guar- 
dian to pay just debts," and appoints Justice Thomas Church, 
of Little Compton, guardian of Fobes South worth. Execu- 
tors, Sylvester Richmond and Joseph Seabury. Witnessed by 
Thomas Gray, Joseph Blackman, Thomas Church. Dated 
Nov. 4, 1712. Admitted to Probate, 4 Dec, 1712. There 
was considerable difficulty between Edward Southworth, 
father of Fobes, and the executors, but it was finally settled. 
Near to the Peabodie monument can be seen two slate 
stones : 

"Here lyeth buried the body of Win. Fobes Lieutenant, 
who departed this life in the G3 year of his age. Nov. ye 
6, 1712. 

"Here lyeth buried, Martha, late the wife of Wm. Fobes, 
aged 61 years, & deceased Jan. ye 25, 1711-12 [on the 


same stone]. Here lyeth Marcy, ye dau of Wm. Fobes and 
Martha his wife, deceased, Feby, 14, 1711-12." 
Children by Samuel Seabury : 

35 3 Joseph Seabury, born in Duxbury June 8, 1678. 

36 Martha Seabury, born Sept. 22, 1G79. 

37 Posthumous child. 

By "Wm. Fobes: \ I know nothing more. 

38 Elizabeth Fobes, 1683 I May have all been born in 

39 Constant Fobes, 1686 / Little Compton. 

40 Mary Fobes, 1689 ) 

41 Mercy Fobes, 1694. Died 1712. 

{To he continued.) 

^Zl . 


Thirty years ago Hon. A. C. Goodell contributed to the 
Essex Institute Historical Collections a copy of the first 
record-book of the court series in Essex County. This was 
the old Quarterly Court, and was succeeded by the County 

The record as printed in Volumes VII. and VIII. of the 
Collections is an exact copy of the record, which was itself a 
clean revised copy of the " waste book" kept by the clerk, 
in which were recorded the proceedings of the court, and 
contains a good deal of matter not carried to the record, 
especially depositions, many of which are recorded in short- 

The volume used by Mr. Goodell closes abruptly at the 
beginning of the session of the 22d Quarterly Court, 25th 
11th month, 1641. 

We shall print an abstract of the waste book, continuing 
from the 21st Court, and forming volume one of the records 
of the County Court, and commencing with the record on 
page 93. The files which at a later period are quite full, 


for this first part of their existence are lacking nearly all the 
original papers. 

We shall illustrate the record by abstracts from the files, 1 
which for many years were admirably arranged by Mr. W. 
P. Upham, in fifty-three volumes, and of which no official 
index or calendar exists. A few patient genealogists have 
made themselves more or less familiar with those valuable 
records, but their inaccessibility to most people, and the 
inability of the uninitiated to decipher this class of records, 
has prevented as general a use of the court records as should 
be made. 

In the early volumes of the Essex Institute Historical Col- 
lections have been printed the great majority of the probate 
documents on iile, but unfortunately that collection was not 

In these court records will be found not only criminal and 
civil suits at law, but probate proceedings for uearty forty 
years ; and in the files are the original returns of the various 
town clerks for Essex County towns, of the yearly births, 
marriages, and deaths, lists of freemen made, and other 

The abstract herewith presented will give every name in 
the original, and all matters of genealogical or historical 
value ; but in cases where nothing of general interest is found, 
merely the names of persons and localities mentioned will 
be printed. An examination of the first instalment will 
show more fully the scope of the work. 

The editor has attempted to verify doubtful readings, but 
now and then a name occurs which would probably be read 
differently by any two experts. Such cases will be duly 

Abbreviations and signs used will be easily understood, 
especially by those who are familiar with this class of records. 

AVhen the name of a part)- to a suit is starred * it indicates 
that that person had a verdict in his favor. 

i The first few papers in the files have heen abstracted and printed in Salem Press 
Historical Genealogical Uecord, Vol. IT. and Vol. I. of this publication. 


The following signs can be borne in mind : ** fornication, 
*** adultery. 

Quarter Courts were established 3 March, 163G, to be held every quarter in Ips- 
wich, Salem, Cambridge, and Boston. County Courts were established in 1639 in each 
county, but in Essex the term " quarterly court" seems to have lingered for several 

[For abstracts of the " Files " for this court, see p. 97, Vol. II., Salem Press Histori- 
cal and Genealogical Record, for Presentments. 

The following schedule will prove of help : 
Abstracts of Files, prior to 11th mo., 1641, p. 96, Vol. II., Record. 

« " " Presentments, 11 mo., 1641, pp. 97-8, Vol. II., Record. 

» " « 10 mo., 1642, pp. 98-9, 190, Vol. II., Record. 

" " " Cases and evidence, " pp. 190-2, " " 

" " « " " " 4mo., 1643, p. 192, and p. 134, Vol. I., Putnam's. 

" " Wills prior to 1643, p. 192, Vol. II., Record. 
" " " Presentments, 4 mo., 1643, p. 135, Vol. L, Putnam's. 

" " Wills, 10 mo., 1643, p. 135, Vol. I., Putnam's. 
" " " Presentments, 12 mo., 1643, pp. 135, 130, Vol. L, Putnam's. 
" " " Warrants issued, 1643-1644, p. 136, Vol. I. Putnam's.] 
* Verdict for plaintiff or defendant according to the location of the star. 


Magistrates present {transposed from page 101). 
Mr. John Endecott, Deputy-governor 
Mr. Richard SaltonstaU Esq. 
Mr. Symon Brodstreet 
Mr. Emanuell Downing, Esq. 
Mr. William Hathorne and 
Mr. Edward Holliocke. 

Salem, 25 th 11 th month 1641. 
The Court orders by consent that Mr. Batter, Jacob Bar- 
ney and Jefiry Massy shall as arbitrators decide all matters 
regarding the fence at Darby Fort Side. 

J no. Robinson* vs. J no. Marston. 

Win. Pester* vs. Jno. Webster, debt. Court orders Lt. 
Davenport, Mr. Henry Bartholomew, & Jno. Webster 
shall view Tester's books. 

Wm. Pester and Charles Turner vs. John Webster* aud 


wife in an action for defamation. Witnesses Mrs. Pester, 
Richard Lambert, James Joans, Luce Gage, Tho. Odding- 
sells, Waiter Knight, Ann Pidgon, Tho. Robbins. 

Win. Pester vs. John Holgrave. 

Wm. Pester vs. Wm. Prichard. 

(Mr. Ruck arbitrator in both above cases.) 

Joseph Robinson* vs. Charles Glover, George Wathen 
and Richard Graves, action of tresspass. Jury finds for 
plaintiff for 3 h acres of corn at 8 bushells an acre. 

Wm. Vincen vs. Samuel Gatchell of Marblehead, debt. 

William Pester vs. Daniel Owles* and Charles Turner. 

[94.] Elias Stilman Si\* vs. John Pease, debt. 

John Blakleech vs. Thos. Vernier. Agreed. 

John Podger* of Dorchester vs. John Bartall. Exon. 
25, 12 mo. 1644. 

(Note. 3-4-1646. John Bartell sues Jane Podger and was cast. She was 
apparently represented by Lt. Roger Clapp.) 

John Stacy vs. Richard More,* for killing his swine. 
(For defendant, but he had to pay for the swine.) 

(Wm. Pester vs. Wm. Pester scratched out and perhaps 
Peck written over it. Sureties Symon Woosey and Thos. 
Dexter. The whole scratched.) 

Robert Leomon* ) 

for his mother, >vs. John Stacy: trespass, 
widow More ) 

Ruben Guppy* vs. Mr. Scott and those goods attached at 
Mr. Scott's stage. 


Wm. Aiford vs. Wm. Trask. Agreed. 

Wm. Luckin* of Marblehead vs. Win. Eeiner. Debt. 
Exon. 27-11-1641: and 23-2-1643. 

Wm. Eeiner vs. Jno. Devoreux. Question of a stage left 
to Mr. Moses Maverick and Mr. Nich. Shepley, wholly to 
make an end of it. 

[$o.~] Wm. Reinc* of Marblehead vs. John Devorix 
Jury finds "Mackarell" to be divided between Devorix and 
Edw. Clark and Keine. (It would appear Reiner was to pay 

Wm. Keine f vs. Abram Whithierc, slander. Witnesses, 
Mr. Moses Maverick, Richard King and George Vicar. 

Thos. Venner* vs. Jno. Gent, slander, confessed and fined. 

Thomas Dexter* Jr. vs. Wm. Dexter. Wm. Dexter to 
be servant to Thomas Dexter and Mr. Welle. 

Wm. Goult vs. Richard Lambert. 

Thos. Dextor, Jr.* vs. Wm. Welles, gent., and Wm. Dex- 
ter. Half interest in bond. 

Ann Fuller* vs. Thomas Goldsmith. Debt. 

John Webster* vs. Wm. Pester and Charles Turner. 

[96.] Edward Payne vs. Richard Hollinworth, defama- 
tion. Agreed. 

William Browne vs. George Wathen. Agreed. 

+ Very plainly Keine in one place, but in the others might be read Reine or Reiner, 
and in conjunction with the above entry Reiner would seem proper, yet there was a 
William Keen early in Salem and William Kenney or Keene early in Gloucester, who 
removed to New London. The final "e" was often pronounced in such names as 


Edward Payne* vs. Thomas Keyser. Ordered to acknowl- 
edge in court his rash and foolish speaking and pay £20 
damages. He did the first, but 11—5-1 642 was arrested, and 
John "Webster save surety. 

Joseph Yongs* vs. Richard Hollinworth, debt. 

Joseph Yongs vs. Richard Graves, debt. Agreed : also 
in action of trespass. Agreed. 

William Waller* vs. Wm. Pester debt. 

[97.] Richard Hollin worth* vs. Edward Payne. Assault 
and battery. Agreed. 

John Gent vs. Richard Graves, defamation. Agreed. 

Richard Hollinworth* vs. Joseph Yongs, debt. 

John Gent and wife vs. Richard Graves and wife, defa- 
mation. Agreed. 

William Bowdish vs. John Norman, debt. Agreed. 
(See also Vol. VIII., p. 191, Essex Institute Historical 

Edward Willson vs. Joseph Yongs, defamation. Mr. 
Yongs ordered to make a declaration in court to clear the 
good name of the young man Edw. Willson, but, if he would 
prove his charge of perjury against Willson before next court 
to be quitt : otherwise to pay 20 shillings. 

Richard Cooke vs, Walter Knight, debt. Nonsuited. 

Richard Cook vs. John Northy. Slander. Agreed. 

John Gent vs. Thomas Keasar,* debt. 

Ruben Guppi vs. Richard Hollinworth. Agreed. 


Richard Graves' wife vs. John Gents' wife, defamation. 
(Left to Mr. Ruck.) Jury found 30 sh. for plaintiff. 

[98.] Richard Hollinworth vs. Daniel Rumble, slander. 
Agreed. — do. vs. Ruben Guppy. Agreed. 

Robert Hawes* vs. Wm. Pester. Debt. 

John Leech vs. Wm. M — adf and Wm. Cotter. 

Thomas Pickton vs. John Pride, debt. Agreed. 

Wm. Reamont vs. Edw. Ingeram, debt. 
"Mr. Deputy will end this action." 

Wm. Cbmins vs. Markes Wexmaid, trespass. Agreed. 

Richard Russell for Charles Towne, vs. Mr. Adam Ottley, 
debt. Agreed. 

John Turner* for Mr. Story, vs. Wm. Pester. 

[99.] Mr. Adam Ottley vs. Joseph Armetage. Mr. 
Ruck, atty. To next court. 

Miles Ward vs. John Gent. Debt. To next court. 

Mr. Adam Ottley vs. Wm. Welles, trespass. Agreed. 
Mr. Rack, atty. 

William Pester vs. Robert Hawes, debt. " Cast out of 
court." Mr. Ruck, atty. 

John Kertland* of Lynn vs. Win. Edwards. Regarding 
bees. (See depositions, page 103.) 

Wm. Browne* vs. John Holgrave, debt. 

Joseph Armetage* vs. Edraond Audley. Wm. Bicknel 
has copy of attachment 18-4-1642. 

t Perhaps Wm. Mead, of Gloucester, who removed to New London. 


Vide Mrs. Gardeners note. 

Robert Isbell vs. Edward Inge ram, debt. 

"Mr. Deputy will undertake to see satisfied." 

Robert Isbell vs. George Harrys, debt. 

'* Lt. Davenport undertake for 10 sh. or thereabout." 

Robert Isbell* vs. Thomas Smith. 

[100.] Henry Walton vs. Jno. Blackleeeh, debt. Agreed. 
Two actions. 

Joseph Armatage vs. Thos. Ashley, Abram Robinson and 
James Smith, debt. Next court. 

George Carr of Salisbury vs. William Harper. 

" Cast to jury who find for pit. his servant according to 
agreem 1 & 10 sh for defalt of his service for Loss of his 
tyme & 10 sh. coste and to be restrained from ffollowing ye 
fFerry as his Calling & that the Indentures be made according 
to ye custom of ould England." 

Robt. Bridge vs. John Smith, misdemeanor. (See page 

Jno. Whit vs. Jno. Stone, debt. 

Lady Deborah Moody vs. France Ingells regarding a horse 
impounded. " The Lady is discharged of hir bond." 

George Carr* vs. Richard Harper, trespass. 

[101.] The Court No. 22d Court. 

In Salem 25th of 11 mo. 1641. These being present. 
(See list of magistrates above.) 

The names of the Grand-jury of Salem 
Edmond Batter 
John Hardv 


Jeffry Massy 

Laurence Leech 

John Blackleech 

[John Woodbury absentf] now dead 

Henry Bartholomew 

[Moses Maverik absentf] 

Thomas Gardener 

Jacob Barney 
"to send to Mr. Wm. Payne, & if he will pay well, other- 
ways to goe to Ipswich & Levy " 

The names of the grand-jury men of Lyn 
Capt. Eobert Bridges forman 
Lt. Pvichard Walker 
Richard Sadler 
Nicholas Browne 
Henry Colline 
George Keysar 
Wm. Bowdish quitt of his fine. 

The Court is to take notice of Wm Edwards misdemeanor 
in untrue and false dealing about the Senteine Beess for 
which the Court hath fined him twenty shillings 

The Jury of trialls 
Mr. Batchlor Lt Davenport 

Peter Palfrey 

& goodman Spooner 

Obadiah Holme 

Gervas Garford 


William Lord 


Richard Raymond 


James Moulton 
Roger Maury 

Timothy Tomlins 
Thpmas Lavton 

t Scratched out in original. 


Francis Li<ditfoot 
Thomas Marshal] 

25 th granted attachment vs. Samuel Hay, Jr, for £20, 
favor of Ralph Moory. 

George the Indian, brother of George Sagamore, brought 
before the Court. Sent to Boston Goal. 

[102.] Sentences of Court for misdemeanors ulto ll mo . 

Richard Lambert admonished for stealing a coat from 
Thos. Marshall. 

Jno. Smith servant to Capt. Robert Bridge, for often with- 
drawing himself from his masters service. 

To be severely whipped on lecture day or town meeting, 
pay his masters charges for bringing him hither, or serve a 
months time. Mr Edward Holliock is to see this sentence 

William Willson also servant to Capt Robert Bridge. 
Cursing his master, "punished in like manner for manner 
though not in degree " 

William Edwarde, sentenced 

John Thorpe, Mr Tompsons man, petty thieving often 
denied, "also under pretense of religion." Fined for his 
" presumptuous lying and robbery though in small matters," 
40 shillings. 

Mr. Pester, Tho. Oddingsall, Charles Turner, Richard 
Lambert, summoned in presentment by grand jury. 

Richard Hollingvvorth for misdemeanor in pushing and 
provoking Mr Edw. Paine brought in an humble confession 
in writing. Fined £4. 

Sentences continued to page 107. 


[103.] Depositions 
Concerning the Lynn action of Bees on p. 99. 
John Deacon goeing to his ground & heard a noys of bees 

Sb thought this are mv neighbor Kertlande bees, and so tould 

him & said if you will come I will tell you where they are 
. . but the bees were gone . . . & yt place where 

I saw ye bees hang was neare ye place where these bees weare 

now found this year. 

When Goodman Edwards had felled ye tree he came to 

me & lett my boy help him , and then came and 

said Mr. Tomlins saith there is bees in it. 

Dep. of Edw. Tomlins that neighbor Edwards came about 
6 weeks since and tendered satisfaction for some defect in 
corn and desired this tree wdiich was a crooked one . 
and we granted it so be it he would take it off the ground. 
Then hearing there were bees I tould him though we gave 
the wood we did not give the bees. 

Timothy Tomlins, one of the jury, testified he discovered 
the bees. 

Charles Glover deposes to Mr Edw. Payne's presentment, 
concerning conversations between Payne and Hollingworth 
regarding work they were engaged in on a (ship's?) knee. 
Goodman Hollinworth called for witness that Mr. Payne 
struck him with the sticke. 

Vide notes on case by Lt. Davenport, Mr. Saltonstall and 
Mr. Holliocke. 

(To be continued.) 


( Continued from Vol. IV. > page 304). 

(2) [8] 10-1-1645 

Christopher Forster hath sold Daniel King of 

e^eXd Lynn one house with [5] twenty five acres of 

land, also eight acres called Sagamore's Hill, also 

ten acres called Parkers land, also one farm of sixty acres 

between Mr. Clark's and Mr. Humphry's farms as by his 

deed 10-1-1645 appeareth. 


Edward Richards hath sold to Daniel Kyng one 
ertreted P^rcell of land called the windmill hill in Lynne, 
deed 30-2-1646. 

A Caveat entred by Daniell Kyng for all the 

L y nn land about Windemill. hill as tis now enclosed 

and in his owne possession and by him purchased. 


Robert Moulton and Michaell Shafflyn agents for Mr. 
Townshen Bishop have sold unto Mr. Eaph Fogg of Salem 
the new messuage or dwelling house of said Bishop standing 
by the Rocks near Capt Hathorne's house in Salem ; £3.10 : 
deed dated 11-1-1645/6. 

(3) 27-3-1646 

[6] Robert Moulton and Michaell Shafflyn agents for 
Mr. Townshen Bishop have sold unto Richard Adams one 
old house with an acre of land within the common field and 
about 1J acre next the common enclosed by itself: £3-10: 
deed dated 11-1-1645/6. 

Note. — The references in brackets are to the copy, in parentheses to the original. 
Although in most instances these are but abstracts of the original, yet an attempt has 
been made to retain as far as possible the original language and construction. 



John Elderkyn hath mortgaged unto Mary Kynsly his 
half part the saw mill in Reading : £10 : dated 27 June 1646. 

Samuel Sharpe hath sold unto John Porter his 
gaiem farm lying on the north of Mr. Skelton's farm 
deceased, with all thereto belonging for £110. 

[7] Joseph Armetage of Lynn sold unto Nathaneel 
Handforth of London, haberdasher, one new house in Lynn 
adjoining to the common, with three acres of ground adjoin- 
ing to the said house, " shuteing downe to ward e the brooke " 
ard two acres meadow in the marsh before the towne : £27 : 
dated 6 Sept. 1638. 

Richard Stilman of Salem doth grant unto Samuel Sharpe 
Elder of ye church in Salem and Elias Stilman Sr., feofees 
in trust all that messuage or tenement in Salem between the 
dwelling house of Phillip Crumwell and shop of Beniamin 
Felton with the old house by the water side and one acre of 
ground whereon the two houses stand, for the use of his son 
Samuel Stilman and his heirs forever, the said Richard re- 
serving his dwelling therein, for eighteen years at annual 
rent of £5. If by fire the houses be destroyed the rent 
to be abated accordingly, and in case said Samuel dyeth 
before he reaches age of 21 years [8] then the whole estate 
to return to the said Richard and his heirs. . Deed dated 
9 Aug., 1647. 

(4) 25-10-1647. 

Robert Nanny of Dover in County of Norilblk 

Xorffoikc planter hath granted in morgadge one house one 

acre of land ther'to adioyning and twenty acres 



upon the back river, unto Captane William Hathome and to 
Mr. William Browne of Salem, merchants, as by a deed dated 
the 22 d of this Instant 10 th . moneth more at lardge apeth. 


John Kitchyn of Salem cordwainer hath sold to 
Thos Scudder, the elder, one house and J acre, by 
Capt. Trash's house near the new mill for £13. 

Edward Gil man hath sold his farm and house 
ipawich thereon with all thereto appertaining as was in 
the possession of Richard Smyth his father in law 
with eight cows and two mares, unto Thomas Savadge of 
Boston upon condition of repayment of £100 in money, 
beaver or fish before the last day of May next 
[9] 20-Dec 1647. 

Elias Stileman, the elder, hath sold unto Richard 
saiem Hutchinson his farm about 150 acres, for £15. 
dated 6-4-1648. 

William Haynes of Salem, husbandman, hath 
sold unto John Porter of Salem, yeoman, 80 acres 
of upland and eight acres of meadow more or less 


for £5. 



John Porter of Salem, yeoman, hath sold unto 
William Haynes of Salem, husbandman, 80 acres of 
upland and 4 acres meadow for £5. 28-4-1648. 

Symon Bradstreet of Andovcr, gentleman, ^hath 
sold unto John Porter of Salem yeoman for £15, 
[10] his third part the farm which was Mr. Bishops 


containing about 180 acres of upland and meadow lying 
within the bounds of Salem-29-1648. 


William Haynes and Richard Haynes of Salem 

Saiem husbandmen, for £30, sell their two thirds part of 

the farm which was lately Mr. Bishops containing 

about 180 acres unto John Porter Sr. of Salem. 29-4-1648. 

(5) John Lufle of Salem, weaver, hath sold 
Baiem unto Francis Skerry of Salem, husbandman, 3 A. 
more or less near the ferry between Waller's and 
Edward's lots : 50sh. 19-1-1648. 

Robert Adams of Newbury, tailor, hath sold unto William 
Gearish for £30 one house and one acre [11] of land lying 
between Mr. Batters and Henery Cooks houses in Salem, 
dated 18-2-1649. 

Percival Lowle of Newbury gentleman hath sold to Will- 
iam Gerishe one barn and 6^ acres, arabale land thereunto 
belonging, hi the town of Newburv. 6-Nov. 1648. 

John Hutson of Jeffryes Creek now called Manchester 
hath sold unto William Hathorne of Salem half my house 
and half of 25 acres of land at Manchester whether it be 
upland or meadow for £18 " as also a great sow and tooe 
Iron potts," 18-4-1649. 

John Ingolls of Lynn hath sold to Daniel King 
Lynn of Lynn for £17-10, one house and 6 A. of land 
thereto adjoyning 4 A. of meadow whereof one 


in the town marsh and three in [12] the Rumney marsh, also 
one ten acre lot among the town lots, also one parcel of 
upland lying by the plain beyond Capt. Bridges house and 
also 4 acres of meadow in the fresh marsh 6-12-1648. 

(To le continued.') ,\/ 


(Seep, 41, Vol. IV.) 

At Ipswich Court, March, 1654, Mr. Eeyner presented 
Nehemiah Abbott and Thomas Abbott, jr., who acknowl- 
edged satisfaction of Humphrey Reynor and Thomas Mighill, 
who were the guardians of the children of George Abbott, 
dec'd, and further Thomas Abbott, Sr., and Nehemiah 
Abbott did testif}^ that their brother George Abbott did ac- 
knowledge satisfaction also. Whereupon Reynor and Mig- 
hill are discharged. 

9 mo., 1659. Adm. on estate of Thomas Abbott, dec'd, 
granted to relict Dorothy. 

Essex Co. Court Files. — Nov. term, 1676. Thomas 
Abbott vs. Town of Andover. Testimony of George Abbete 
aet about 44, had occasion to work with Thomas Parker, that 
has lately lived with my brother Thomas Abbet, and have 
found he is often very much out of his senses. 


The settlements of Essex county estates here presented are 
the earliest recorded in the record books at the registry at 
Salem, and are printed to show the scope of the proposed 
Essex probate series which have been advertised in this 
publication. When fifty subscribers are obtained, the first 
number of that series will be published, of which these few 
pages will form a part. At least one hundred subscribers 
are needed to meet the expenses of printing. Subscriptions 
should be sent to Eben Putnam, Box 5, Danvers, Mass. 

All the papers concerning an estate are grouped together 
under the first mention of that estate ; in many cases these 
papers are collected from several volumes as well as from the 
unrecorded papers in the files, the plan being to group to- 
gether all references wherever found. Every name occur- 
ring in the records or files will thus be saved and indexed. 

Symonds, John. I John Symons doe make this my last 
will & testament 

It I give my soule to the Lord Jesus my Redeemer & my 
bod}^ to my f(riends) to be interred 

For my estate which the Lord hath given me, I dispose of 
as fo(llows) 

It I Give to my loveing wife Elizabeth Symonds, my 
house Oarch(ard, hou)seing & all my land, and my bed 
and beding & such vessells & house ke(ttles) shall have 
occassion to use durring her naturall life & also twenty 
po(unds) pd her, five pounds a yeare by my son James 
Symonds beginning ye date ( ) my death. 

It I give my son James Symonds at my wives decease, my 
dwelling house, housing, Oarchard together with all my 



land and I doe assigne my s(ervant) John pease to him 
during the terme of time expressed in the Inden(ture) 
paying forty pounds infoweryeares, ten pounds per Annum, 
five per ( ) my wife, for fower years as aforesaid & five 

pounds per Annum for ( ) yeares, unto rny son Samuel 

& my daughter Katherue, fifty shillings per) Anum to each 
of them provided he soe long had, (yf not) soe long (as he) 
live to serve him & noe longer. 

Tt I give the children of my deceased daughter Ruth 
Swinerton* twenty pounds to be divided amongst them & 
to be paid in yt of my more able estate convenient time 
after my decease. 

It. I give all the rest of my estate to my son Samuel 
Symouds & my daughter Kathercn Towne, f equally to be 
divided betweene them in convenient (time) after my de- 
cease, except my bed & household stuff, given my wife 
(for her) naturall life as aforesaid, which at her decease my 
will is shall (be) divided between Them two, also I give 
my son Samuell ( ) ( ) ox now in his hands. 

It. I give to John Swinerton one sad coloured cl(oak) 

That this my will be faithfully performed according to 
my intent therein (I) doe make my two sons, below named 
James Symonds, & Samuel Symonds, my executors, & 
doe intrete my esteemed, freinds, major Hathorne & Mr. 
B(artholomew) to be overseers to see that this my wil be 
truly performed & (1) doe humbly intreat them to take care 
of my wife & whoe is ( ) (co-) 

flurther I give all my working tooles belonging to my 

trade to my son James Symonds, & to this my last will & 

testament I have sett my hand the 16 of the 6th mo 1671. 

Witness Henry Bartholomew Mr Hen. Bartholomew & 

John Swinerton John Swinerton (made) 

Samuell Ingalls oath this 19. 7 mo 1671, that 

ye sd John S(ym)onds did 

( ), (801.1) * 

* Wife of Job Swinerton, m. 19 July, 1658. 

f Wife of Jacob Towne, of Topsfield, m. 26 June, 1657. 


Inventory (301. 2, 9) by John Hitchin and John Picker- 
ing £330. 29-9-1671. Inventory mentions joiners' tools, 
benches, etc. 

Receipt (on file, also 315,285), 11 Mar., 1700, Eeceived 
of James Symonds, Executor to ye last will of our grand 
father John Symonds deceased ten pounds dew to us by sd 

I say Red by us Jasper Swinerton 
Joseph Swinnerton 

Norman, John. Inventory of estate of John Norman of 
Manchester. £125-00-00 by Robert Leach, Sen r ., Thomas 
West, Samuel Friend. Debts £55. Allowed in court 26- 

See under Arabella Norman, whose estate, as adminis- 
tratrix of her husband John, was inventoried 29-4-1680. 
(301. 165). 

Farr, John. "Unto that Honored Court now assembled 
att Salem, 27-9, 1672. May it please this Honored court 
to consider ye propositions follow inge — - 

" John Farr of Lin a single man dyed ye 29 Octobr 1672 
and did make noe will wherfor his mother Elizabeth Far & he 
haveinge only two natural bretheren namety Joseph & Ben- 
jamin Farr he also haveing only three natural sisters Mary, 
Elizabeth, and Sarah, al of them marryed there husbands yt 
is to say two of them personaly & ye third who living at 
Grawton by his representative being al met together upon 
ye sixteenth day of this instant have mutuary & freely 
agreed as to ye devideing of ye estate of sd Jno Far. as fol- 
lowed : " 

Joseph and Benjamin Farr are to pay all debts of John and 
also of his mother in consideration of which they receive all 
movable property. 

John Farr " managed ye whole affairs of ye family." 

Nicholas Hutchin, John Holmes, and Mathias Farnsworth, 


brothers-in-law : " Mary Clarke a motherless child and 
cozen " her " uncle Holmes " 

Elizabeth X Farr ] 
Mathias X Far worth, Senr. 
AVitnesses Joseph Farr 

Andrew Mansfield John Holmes 
Henry Silsby Richard Stowe^ 

guardian to Benj a. Farr. 
Nicholas X Hutctiins 
Allowed in court in Salem, 27-9-1672 

John Farr of Lynn, who d. 29 Oct 1G72 Inv. £145, 
12 Nov. by Andrew Mansfield, Henry Selsby, Richard 
Stowers, Joseph Farr as administrators and Andrew Mans- 
field and Hen. Silsby as appraisers make oath, etc. 27-9- 
1672. (301. 12.) 

Lazarus Farr of Lynn, who died 9 Dec, 1669. — To 
brother Benjamin Farr my house & land, and land by the 
pond only that my mother have the use of it during life. 

Brother John Farr, Witnesses Edw. Richards, Nicholas 

Prov. 27-9-(1672) 

Benj. Farr desires his uncle Stowir as gdn. Witness 
Andrew Mansfield, Henry Silsby. (301. 13.) 

Inv. taken 15 Nov. 1672, by Andrew Mansfield, Henry 
Silsbe, 5 acres ground near John Lewis, and 6 acres. £54. 

Adm. to Richard Stowes who is also appointed guardian 
to Benj. Farr, 27-9-1672. (301. 14.) 

Smith, John, of Rowley, Will on file (No. 25590). 

This will was made and signed the 13th of July, 1661. 

I, John Smith weake in body but of perfit understanding 
at this ye present blessed be god doe make and apoynt this 
my last will and testament as in forme followeth. Item for 
my outward, estate I thus divide it the one halfe to my wife 

1 When as in the present case parties sign by making their mark it will be signified 
as above. 


and the other halfe to my child Sarah Smith I will alsoe 
that my wife have my hole estate till she my child come to 
one and twenty years and on day of her marry age, and 
my wife shall injoy the other halfe during her naturall life, 
and at my wife descst I give my hole estate in lands to my 
daughter, Smith, at my wife desese with my house & barne 
and out houses & fences to he kept in sufitient repare, 
excepting ten acres of land I bought of John Tod and 3 acres 
of medow beyond the (ox pasture) and 5 acres of medow 
at the farme being betwene elder (Staners?) medow & Mr 
Crosby e and 2 cowes gates * of the common, which I give 
to my wife to dispose of for ever as she seems good, and if 
my wife shod be with child if a doughter all that to be alike 
during her naturall and after my wife desese my daughters 
to divide, the estate in land only 3 acres of medow and 2 

acres of arable land about the( — ) ( ) & 2 coav 

(gates), provided it be a son then I give hm my lands after 
my wife desese and he is to enter of 2 parts of it one & 
twenty and my wife and daughter is to divide my estate in 
goods between them and my wife is to have her thirds during 
her naturall life and then the hole goes to my son, excepting 
those particulars above mentioned which I gave to my wife 
for ever, I make my wife sole executor. 

John Smith 
Thomas Tenny 
Maximillyax Jewit 
John Johnson 

Proved 14 Nov., 1661, by Maximilian Jewett and Thomas 
Tenney, before Mr. Samuel Symonds and Major Daniel 

Inventory, by Maxernillian Jewett, Ezekiell (Northen) 
and John Palmier and Samuell Brolklebanke, 29 July, 1661. 
£434-12-10. (On file.) 

Committee appointed, (Capt. Joseph Boynton, Lt. John 
Dresser, Deacon Ezekiell Jewett, Mr. Samuel Platts, and 

* Rights. 


Cornet Ezekiell Norden, all freeholders in the town of Row- 
ley) to divide real estate among children of Mr. John Pick- 
ard late of Eowley, either from their grandfather Smith and 
grandmother Law both of Rowley, or from their father 
John Pickard. John, Jonathan, Francis Pickard grand- 
sons of John Smith by his daughter Sarah wife of John 
Pickard : they are also grandsons of Faith Law. 

Real estate of John Pickard to be divided among his 
relict and children, viz, Johanna Whipple alias Pickard J 
part : John being the eldest son. 

Dated at Ipswich 8 May 1705. (309. 98.) 

Report of committee. (309. 99) to divide the estate of 
John Pickard late of Rowley : and of John Smith and wife 
(alias Law) : to Johanna (alias Whipple) the widow of John 
Pickard, of buildings on the farm in Boxford, etc., also her 
part of the farm (bounds on northerly end the Bradford line, 
easterly on John Pickard's land, westerly on David Pick- 
ard's). Also a pc. in Rowley, bounding on Samuel Pickard, 
George Dickinson, also upon marsh belonging to the two 
minor children viz, David and Sarah. Thomas Burpee. 

To John Pickard eldest son, land in Boxford, bounds on 
his mother Joanna Whipple, Bradford line, Jonathan Pick- 
ard, Hazeltine. Also his father's house in Rowley which 
was built on his grandfather Smith's land. 

To Jonathan Pickard, land in Boxford, also a freehold 
right in town commons of Rowley. 

To David Pickard, ^ part of the buildings on farme in 
Boxford, also one freehold right in town commons in 

To Sarah Pickard, * part of buildings on farm in Boxford. 
Bounds on Abraham Hazeltine. 

To Francis Pickard, the end of the barn that his father 
built in the town of Rowley, next his grandmother Pickard's 
house, also 3 acres of land within the farm adjoining. 
Bounds on Thomas Hamman and Samuel Pearley. 

And of the lands which was John Smith's grandfather of 


the three elder children, John, Jonathan and Francis, we 
have divided :is folio weth 

To John Pickard the eldest, the barn & lot in town also 
two ox gates or priviledges, Kowley, etc. 

To Jonathan Pickard, the whole of the land in Boxford 
formerly Thomas Leavers of Rowley, dec'd, which John 
Pickard their father had in exchange for the land of Jolm 
Smith, their grand father, which land lay in Bradford, the said 
land lyeth by the pond called Johnson's Pond. Land on 
Nelson's island by Maximillian Jewett 

To Francis Pickard, |- the planting lot by Samuel Tods 
house, next to John Tods land. Nelsons island, Prime, 

To John Pickard of his grandmother Smith (alias Law). 
"Capt. Jewett's children/' 

To Jonathan Pickard, 

To Francis Pickard, " stake yard marsh." William Hobson. 
John Plats. Crosbee's marsh. Aaron Pengry. Samuel Pear- 
ley, Jonathan Hopkinson. 

Dated 30 July, 1705. Signed. 

Ezekiell Jewett 
Joseph Boynton 
Samuel Platts 
Ezekiell Northen. 

Smith, John. Inventory, 16-5-1672. £48.17. Presented 
by the relict Elizabeth and allowed 27-9-1672. (301. 4). 

Mansfield, John, of Lynn. Will dated September, 
1670. "Cozen Daniel Gott his now wife and his heirs, 
whether male or female, lawfully begotten of his now wife, 
after my death and my wives my whole accomodation in 
house and lands," etc., in default of heirs, to my brother 
Andrew Mansfield and his children. Said Gott is to come to 
Lynn and live with and support Mansfield and wife till death, 
etc. To maid servant Eliza Brooks, a three year old heifer 
when her time is out ; " to our reverend pastor," Mr. 


Samuel Whiting, one cow: to Mr. Nathaniel Hanforth, £2. 
To brother Andrew Mansfield, my great bible. 

Wife to be executrix ; overseers, brother Andrew Mans- 
field, and Mr. Nathaniel Hanforth. 

Proved by the witnesses Andrew and Robert . 30 

-9-1671. (301. 10.) 

Inventory, 2 Nov. 1672, by John Fuller and Robert 
Potter. Ack. by the widow 30-9-1671. (301. 10.) 

Administrator's bond, Joseph Mansfield,* with Jonathan 
Johnson and Joseph Mansfield, jr, as sureties, 2 Jan. 1717. 
Witnesses Joseph Jacobs, Dan 1 . Rogers. 

<f Know all men by these presents that I Daniel Gott for- 
merly belonging to Lynn," etc., " that whereas I, the said 
Daniel Gott did for many years poses and enjoy the lands 
liveing and other estate of John Mansfield late of Lynn, 
aforesaid dec'd, by virtue of a will made by him in his life time 
wherein he bequeathed all his lands liveing and other estate, 
on condition that if I did live with him and carry on 
his work so long as he and his wife should live as may more 
at large appear in sd will, But I ye said Daniel Gott never 
in no wise performing the conditions of ye aforesaid will do 
know and am fully satisfied yt I never had any honest right, 
title or interest to ye above scl Manfields estate but am 
fully satisfied in my own conscience yt all the above estate 
do justly and honestly belong to ye Mansfields, by a later 
will which as I am informed was by indirect means made a 
way with. As witness my hand and seal this 16 Day, of 
Augst, and in ye year of our Lord, anno domi 1715 " 
Wit tn esses 

Samuell Donnell Daniel Gott. 

Samuell Donnell jr. 
Samuell Ducking. 

Acknowledged Before Lewis Rane 16 Aug. 1715. 
(311. 314, 15.) 

6 Jan., 1717. Adm. on estate John Mansfield to eldest 
nephew Joseph Mansfield of Lynn. (312. 149.) 

*Qy., elder nephew ? 

A bh5USJ/ 


Timothy Owin. Inventory taken 18 Nov., 1671, £3; 
Moses Maverick, Samuel Ward. 

Having died intestate the marshal!, Skerry, is ordered to 
administer on estate. 

George Bo(yd?) creditor. (301. 5.) 

Elinor Robinson, widow, late of Salem, will dated 5-5- 
1671; gives to Elinor Mascol : to brother's son, Robert 
Waldron, living in Clattford in Hampshire near Andover. 

Trusty friend Mr. Henry Bartholomew. 

Witnessed by Richard Prince, Elizabeth Bartholomew, 
who appear to prove will 19-7-1671, before Samuel 
Symonds and Major Wm. Hathorn. 
* Adm. to Mr Henry Bartholomew, 28-9-1 671. (301 . 6. ) 

Inventory, 2 cows in hands of John Neale ; money ; pre- 
sented 27-4-1673. (301. 34.) 

George Burcii. Inventory by Edw. Wbolland, and 
Robert Follitt, 22-9-1672 £49. 
. Presented by Eliz b . relict who has adm. 29-9-1672. 
(301. 8.) 

John Simonds. (301. 9, see above.) 

Benjamin Ayer. In v. 4-9-1671. Left widow Ann. 
(301. 9.) 

John Mansfield, will. (301. 10, see above.) 

John Fairefield of Ipswich. Inventory £241, by 
Thomas Fish, Richard Hutten 

Adm. to relict Sarah, 27-9-1672. (301. 11.) 

Peter Greenefeild. Inv. by James Smythe, Robert 
Bartlett, £143. 16. Debts due John Rhoades ; to Capt Cor- 
win. Hannah the relict. .29-9-1672. (301.14.) 


Bridget Verney of Gloucester. Son Humphrey Verney ; 
son Jefery Parsons of this towne ; dau. Rachel Vinion* wife 
of William : son Thomas Verney : son in law Win Vincon* 
sole executor : 10 Nov. 1671. 

Witnesses John Emerson, Win. Ellery, Wm. Vinion, 
John Row. Proved 27-9-1672. 

Inv. by Thos Millit, Sr., Jno. Colins, Sr., both of Glouces- 
ter. (301. 14.) 

John Procter, Sr., aged and infirm. Will dated 28 
Aug.; 1672; proved 20. 9. 1672. 

Wife Martha £4 yearly : granddaughter Martha Hadley £10 
when married : grandson John Hadley when his time is out 
with John David : four daughters Martha White, Abigail 
Varney, Sarah Dodg, and Hannah Wede(n?) ; three son3, 
John, Joseph, and Benjamin Procter executors. Witnesses 
Samuel Symonds, John Dane, Jr. Proved on oath of 
worshipful Samuel Symonds. 

Inv. by John Andrews, Henry Bennitt, 11 Oct., 1672, 
houses and land £700, stock £226. Total £1228. (301. 6.) 

John Sowthick, will dated 26 Oct., 1672; proved 29-9. 
1672. Son Samuel, one half land and barnes : son John 
and Israel the other half in case father Burnil gives them the 
meadow in Willestons meadow : daughter Sarah land in 
Willistons meadow: daughter Mary. £10; Elizabeth Giles 
alias Tidd, £4 ; wife executor : brothers Josiah and Daniel 
Sowthick overseers. Witnesses John Pudne, Edward 
Grove. (301. 11, 12.) 

Inventory, £601.03, net, by William Flint, Nath 1 Putnam, 
Nov. 1672. Wife Sarah. 27-9-1672. (301. 13.) 

The numbers in parentheses refer to the volume and paging to which the 
present probate docket refers. 
* Vincent. 


(Continued from page 236, Vol. IV.) 

Weddinges 16 . . . 

Barnard Dagwcll and Mary Taylor weare inaried the fifte 

of May 
Willia Hawes & Katherin Ard . . . weare m . . . 

the xxiiij* 11 of October 

Burial Is Aiio doni 1614 

William Sudale was buried the xiiij th of Aprill 

William Shepherd the sonnc of Thomas Shepherd was buried 

the xx th of Aprill 
Thomas Cripps was buried the xxviij th of Maye 
William Rowe was buried the xiij th of June 
Ei chard Fuller was buried the xxix th of September 
David Clarke was buried the xxix th of October 
Elizabeth Gurney the daughter of Robert Gurnev was buried 

the x th of December 
Adrye Davie the wife of John Davie was buried the eleventh 

day of December 
Thomas Fritwell the sonne of John Fritwell was buried the 

xxviij th day of December 
W r illiam Coles was buried the first da}'e of March 

Christenings Aiio dui 1615 

Richard Bull the sonne of Willia Bull was baptized the 

xxvj th of March 
Jowan Plumer the daughter of Richard Flu . . . was 

baptized the xxiij th of Aprill 



Enoch Condley the sonne of Thomas Condlcy was baptized 

the xxx th day of Aprill 
Alee Shepherd the daughter of Thomas Shepherd baptized 

the seventh day of May 
Nicholas Anshew the sonne of Ambrose Anshew was baptized 

the x th day of September 
Anthony Gurney the sonne of Robert Gurney baptized 

xvij th of September 
Elzabeth Cripps the daughter of Thomas Cripps bapt the 

first day of October 
Jane Chaundler the daughter of Nicholas Chaundler was 

baptized the eight of October 
Thomas Foscate the sonne of John Foscate baptized the fifte 

of November 

Gurney the daughter of Robert Girney baptized 

and Martha Girney the daughter of said Robert Girney 

the xxv th day of November 
Alee Peirce y e daughter of John Peirce was baptized the 

xviijth c ] a y f February 

Thomas Stapp y e sonne of W m Stap bapt 25 February 

Burialls Anno 1615 

William Bently the sonne of Edmond Bently was buried the 

x th of Maye 
Elnor Coles the daughter of John Coles buried xxij of 

Elizabeth Pursell the wife of John Pursell was buried the 

xj th of June 
Aiie Brand the wife of John Brand was buried y c x th of 

John Gurney was buried the 27 th of September 
Augnes Clarke was buried the xxix th of October 
Alee Shepherd the daughter of Thomas Sheppard was buried 

the 4 th day of November 
John Davies of to was buried the 24 th day November 1G15 


Matha Gurney the daughter of Robert Gurney was buried 

the xxix day of November 
Steeveu Turke was buried the xxv th of Febrarye 

Weddinges Aiio doiii 1615 
& Agnes Austen were maried the xvij th 

day of Aprill 
John Cooke & Elizabeth Filde were maried the xxvj th * of 


Memoradu that Nicholas Wilder M r of Arts and lyeensed 
preacher . . . after his induction the 13 of Aprill into 
the Vicarage of Stu .... dyd read his articles 
agreed upon upon by convocation 15G2 . . . 22 eth of 
April beinge the second Sabooth after Easter. And 
. them dide give his full consent and assent 

Church j Iohn Cryppes 
wardens ( Harrie Sheppard 
Bennett Condle, Iohn Meade, 
Iohn lngerm, William Meade. 

Memoranda that Willia Meade the eider and Thomas 
Canno of Stukcley in the county of Buck husbandme and 
overseers for the poore and Thomas Bavinne and Michael 
Stappe church wards in the yeare of our lorde god 1606 did 
seale an acquittance unto Thomas Coules of Stulecley aftbr- 
saide laborer for six pounds of good and lawfull mony of Eng- 
lande that he did owe and stande bounde to the Inhabitants to 
pay and the obligatio being loste the did seale an acquittaunce 
bearinge date the xxviij th day of December. In the yeare 
above sayde for his discharge for the same monye the which 
quittaunce was sealed and delivered by the sayde Willa Mead, 
Thomas Canno Thomas Bavinne and Michaell Stappe unto 
the sayd Thomas Coules the first day of February in the 

* 19th July scratched over. 


yeare above sayde. In the psentr of these whose names are 

under written that is to say 

Thomas Colles 
Thomas Foxe Clarke 
George Rande 
Jhon Taylour 
with diverse other of the 
Inhabitants of Stukecley 

Burialls Ano doni 1616 
Thomas Rowe films Thomas Rowe baptized fuit 1" die 

Hester Cutler daughter of Michaell Cutler was baptized } r ° 

xix th of April) 

Burialles Aho doni 1616 
Widdow Amesden was buried the xvij th day of Maye 
Nicholas Hawes was buried the 24 th of August 
Jhon Pursell buried the 8 of November 
Richarde Condley the sonne of Thomas Condleye was buried 

the 18 th of November 
buried the 24 of November 

Christenings Ano doiii 1616 
Thomas Rowe the sonne of Thomas Rowe was baptized the 

firste daye of Aprill 
R . . . Cutler the daughter of Michael Cutler 

zed the xix of Aprill 

. the sonne of ^Y m Winfilde was 

the xxviij 11 ' day of" Aprill 

the daughter of Richard Plumcr 

baptiz the second daye of June 

of Thomas .... 

was baptized 

Agnes Hawes the daughter of Richard * R . . . Hawes 
was baptised the 28 th of August 

* Scratched out in original. 


Shepherd y c sonne of Thomas 

was baptized y c xv th of September 16 1G 
Elizabeth Meade the daughter of Willia 

was baptized the xx 20 of Octob Anno d ni 1616 
Clarke the daughter of George Clarke was 

baptized the 28 daye of October 

Shilborne the daughter of Jonathan . 

borne was baptized the 13 th of November 
Richard Taylor the sonne of Thomas Taylor was baptized the 

17 th of November 
George Sharpe the sonne of George Sharpe was baptized the 

26 of January e 
Jhon Cutler the sonne of Jhon Cutler was baptized the 2 11 

daye of Februarie 
Margerie Grace the daughter of Thomas Grace was baptized 

the 9 of March 
Ales Gurney the daughter of Robte Guru . . . was 

baptized the Marche 

ningis Afio doi 1617 
. ."...-, of John G 

was baptized the 6 of A prill 
Elizabeth G . . . the daughter of Robert 

zed the last daye of ... 

Amsdcn the daughter of Thomas Amsden 

was baptized 

Anne . . . yfe the daughter of George ..... 

was baptized the twenty daye of Julye 

Bu(rials 1616) 

Isabel I Stappe Stappe was buried 

January e 
Jhon Shepeard the sonne of ... . was buried 
Jane Hill the daughter of . 

buried and buried the . . t[1 of March 
Margery Brande the was buried the 


Burial Is Anno doi .... 
Mathew Black well was buried 2 d of Aprill 
Richard Edlin the sonne of was 

buried the tenth of . 

Elizabeth Legge the daughter of George Legg was buried 

twentye daye October 

Jhon G was buried the one and twen- 

tyeth day of November 
Richard Belgrave was buried the eleventh daye of December 

Christenings Anno Dni 1617 

Bennett Coles the sonne of Jhon Coles was baptized the 
sevententh daye of August 

Con . ce Chaundler the daughter of William Chaundler 
was baptized the lastc daye of August 

Margaret Marllett the daughter of Robert Marflett was bap- 
tized the fifte of October 

Marye Delye the daughter of Thomas Delye was baptized 
the 16 th of November 

Mary Belgrave the daughter of Richard Belgrave was bap- 
tized the last daye of November 

Robert Rowe the sonne of Thomas Rowe was baptized the 
18 th of January e 

Thomas Edlin the sonne of Robert Edlin was baptized the 
eighth of Januarye* 

maried .... Hancocke 


. . . F . kett the daughter of Jhon F . . was 
baptized the fiteenth 

Elizabeth Tomes the daughter of Richard T . . es was 

bap March 


the sonne of William . . . was baptiz 

the sonne of . . was baptized 

* Between this aud the next entry the record is illegible, there having- been two or 
three marriage entries inserted here. 

; : 


.... was baptized the xxvij th daye .... 

...... of Richard . . . day of ... 

. . . . Gurnye the sonne of Robert Gurney was 

. . . . xxvij" 1 day of September 

Mary Shepherd the daughter of Thomas S 

was baptized the 



Thomas Wigg the sonne of was baptized 

the fifteenth day of October 
Andrew G . . . lder the sonne of Richard Goulder was 

baptized the .... day of November 

Joan F of January 

. . Hawes the daughter of Willia Hawes was baptized 

the & twenty day of January 

of William Winfield day of Februarye* 

Weddings . 
Thomas A were 

maried the xxv th of June 
John were 

maried the ix th daie of July 
Thomas Grace and Pennelope Gurney weare maried the first 

daye of Februarye 


Robert Gurney was buried the nine and twenty daye of . 
William B seventh of October 

* Between this and the next entry the record is illegible. 


Tbeodosia . . was buried the . . clay of November 
Elizabeth Jacke .... buried the second of December 

Catherin .of January 

Baldwin Stapp, buried of January 


Andrew Gouldcr buried the 27 th daye of 
March 1618* 

Thomas Mead the sonne of Willi a 

one & twentieth of March 1G18 

Christenings Anno Domini 1619 

Debora Hand the daughter of George Hand 

baptized the xxvii tVl of March 1619 
Thomas Coales the sonne of Willia Coales 

baptized the xxviij" 1 of March 1619 
Susan the daughter of Richard Plumber 

baptyzed the xvij tb of Apr ill 1619 
John.Tayler the sonne of Thomas Tayler 

baptized the xviij tb of Aprell 1619 
Constance Shilburne the daughter of Jonathan 

Shilburne baptized the twentieth day of May e 1619 
John Webb the sonne of John Webb baptized 

the xxvij tb of June 
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Deeler baptized 

the first day of July 1619 
M . . . ell ... baptized the . . . August 

Thomas baptized September 

G. . . . baptized the same day 

. . . . Chaundler baptized the 2 day of . . ember 
baptized the ... day of . 

. * Between this and the next entry the record is illegible. 


Margaret .... baptized the .... October 

baptized the 

William Bennet M . . baptized the tift day of March 


William D . . . and Elizabeth A . ws were maried 

the 27 Maye 
Bennet P .... and Alice .... were 

maried the xvj th of . . . 
A . Bartlett and were maried 

Buriallsf 16 . 
Richard Gadlingstocke* .... the tenth day of 

viij th daye of* 

vij th day of * 

daughter baptized * . . . 

baptized the 24 day of March 

Elizabeth Cutler daughter of John Cutler & ... his 

wife was Baptized the 2 day of Aprill 
Edmund Tomlyn sonne of Thomas Toml . . . was 

Baptized the xxiij th day of Aprill 
Margaret Bull daughter of Wm Bull was Bapt : the 30 th of 

Elsabeth Ardnall daughter of Richard Ardnall was Baptized 

the 27 th of May " 
Davy daughter of WilhTi Davy was Baptized 

the 21 th of June 
John .... sonne of was 

christned the iiij th day of ... . 
Edmund Chaundler son of Ry ch Chaundler was baptized the 

22 th of October 
Benedict Webb sonne of John Webb was Baptized the 5 day 

of November 

* Between this and the next entry the record is illegible. 

t Certainly a dozen burials were once to be found recorded on this page, now 


John Buckm the sonne of John Buckm was baptized the 12 

of Novem : 
John Tims son of Tyms was Bapt the 27 th day of 

The ij th day of Februarie Lettice Stapp daughter of Richard 

Stapp was Baptized 
Thomas Gurnye the sonne of Walter Gurnye was baptized 

the . . day of* 

Ano doi .... 
The xxiij th of Aprill the wife of 

Thomas Irons was buried 
Bennett Marfield son of R . . was 

buried the 4 of June 
The 21 of October was 

The 21 of March .... as W. . . son of John 

Wigg was buried 
The f 28 th dau .... of John was 

John | Stappe was buried the ... of April Anno pdicH 

Anno diii 1620 


Water Gurney and Joan Coalls were maried the 4 of mai 

John Hunt and Joan Butler were maried the 1 of Juli 1620 
Thomas Irons and Allice Wells was married the vj of October 
Anno pdc? 

* Between this and the next entry the record is illegible, 
t Scratched out in the original. 



APRIL, 1624, TO DEC, 1634. 


Anno dni 1624 

The 22 of Aprill Robert of Robert 

Gurney was buried 
30 The 30 day of Aprill John Franklyn carpenter was 

The 23 day of June Frauncis Frye was Buried 
Noveber The Thyrd day of November Thomas Adams was 

3 Buried 

The 8 day of November Ry chard Pullyn was Buried 

The 18 day of September Wydow Matsie was Buried 
Dccembr The 8 day of December James Fenn was 

8 Buried 

The 10 th day of December Robert Taylor was Buried 

The 8 day . . . . ber . . Robert 


Weddings Anno dni 1625 
Oct 13 The 13 day of October Thomas Russell of Wyn- 
grave and Elizabeth Rogers of Stuteley wer 
The 14 day of October John . . . sden of North 
Msdnl* andLettice Wyllis of Stuteley were maried 
The iij day of November Christopher Man . . and 
Anne Fenne were maried 

Anno dni 1625 
The 5 day of Aprill Burnard Stapp and Ann Conley were 

The xviij th day of August Buralsell Serjant and Elizabeth 

Litle Page were maried by vertu of a licens fro my lord 

of Counterlment office 
The xx th day of August Charles W and 

Joan Heyward wer maried by vertu of a licens from 

the ordinari 

* Misseuden. 


The . . day of Januarii Robert Comlcy of . . uport 
and Frauncis Coalls of Stukeley were maried 

. . . ber of Richard G . . 

was baptized .... and Lettis his wife . 
The same day Sebastian Hay r was baptized sonn of John 

Hay re and Alice his wyfe 
The same day Frauncis Buckmaster daughter of Willm Buck- 
master and Suzane his wife was baptized 
. ember The 12 day of December Alary Taylor was 

baptized daughter of Thomas Taylor and Marye his 

Januari The 23 of Januarie Benedict Conle}^ was baptized 

23 sonn of Richard Conley and Margaret his wife 
Februari The 5 of Februari Richard Tome was Baptized 5 

sonn of Richard Toms of Northend. Joiner and Mari 

his wyfe 

The same day was Mary Toms Baptized daughter of the 

foresaid Richard Toms and Mary his -wyi'c being Twynes 
Mch The 21 of March Richard Tomline was baptized sonn' 

of Thorns Tomlin and . . his wyfe 1625 
Aprill 3 The 3 day of A prill John Coules was baptized 

1625 sonne of Wilton Coule and . his wyfe 
Mai 29 The 29 day of Mai Isaac Shephard was Baptized 

sonne of Thomas Shepperd and . his wyfe 
September The ij day of September Michaell Cutler was 

Baptized sonne of Michaell Cutler and Mary his wife 

The same day Debora Willis was Bapt : . daughter 

of Robert Willis and Elizabeth his wyfe 

. . Baptized daughter of and 

. . . his wyf 
. ctober ... of October Joan Stonway was Baptized 

daughter of Davyd Stonway and Mary his wife 
30 The 30 th of October Willm Buckm was Baptized sonne 


of John Buckm and Ann his wyf The same day Ann 

Cripps was Baptise daughter of TVTiim Cripps and . 

his wife 
December The xj th day of December Hanna Wigge was Bap- 

11 tizcd daughter of Willm Wigg and Hanna his wyfe 
Januari The 29 of Januari Thomas Mayn was Baptized 

sonne of Christopher Mayn and Allice his wyfe 
Februari The 5 day of Februari Edmund Webbe was 

Baptized sonne of John Webbe and Joan his wyfe 
March 5 The 5 day of March Willm Mead was Bapt sonn 

of Benedict Mead and Grace his wife 

The 12 day of Marche Anthonie Grace was Baptized 

sonne of Thomas Grace, Bucher, and Ann his wife 


April 12 The 12 day of Aprill John Chypps was Baptized 
sonn of John Chipps and Mari his wyfe 
Francis T. . . . she daugh- 
ter of John T and Bridget his wyfe was 


The same day H . . . C of 

John C . and Joan was 


Septem The 14 day of September Wit. . Myers son of 
14 Willm My .... and Hanna his wyfe was 

November The 2 day of November 

the 2 daughter of ........ his wife 

was bapt . . 

November The 23 day of November Etheldred Brand 
23 daughter of John Brand and Marye his wife was 

Januari The 25 day of Januari Thomas Shepperd sonne of 
25 Thomas Sheppard and Allice his wyfe was Baptized 

idem The same da} r Richard Gurne} r the sonn of Robert 
Gurney and Jane his wyfe was Baptized. 


Febrtiari The fyrst day of Februari was bap .... 
1 Robert Webb sonne of John W. . . . and 
Joane bis wyfe 
The same day was Baptized Josepbe Willis sonn of 

Eobert Willis and Elizabeth his wife 
The same day was Bapt John Parker sonn of 

Parker and his wife 

Christening 1624 
The 9 day of . . me Mary Fenn daughter of James 

Fen and his 

Christen .... 1624 
The 8 day of Mai Wyllm Symons son of Willm Symons and 

Mari his wyfe was Baptized. 
The 23 of May Katherin Hawes was Bapt: daughter of 
Willm Hawes and Katherin his Wyfe 
Richard Gurney sonne of Walter Gurney and Joan his 
w} r fe was Baptized the . . of June 
Juli iiij The 4 day of Juli was Baptized Willm Chaundler 

sonne of Willm Chaundler and Elizabeth his wyfe 
August The viij day of August was Baptized Damars 

viij daughter of Thomas Knight 

and Allice his wy fie 
August The 15 da}^ of August John Meade sonne of Ben- 
15 edict Mead and Grace his wyfe was Baptized 
The same day Martha Bands daughter of George Rand 
and Ann his wife was Baptized 
29 The 29 of August Wyllm Pytkin was Baptized 
sonne of Benedict Pytkin and Allice his wife 
The same day Ann Collett was Baptized daughter of 

Richard Collett and his wife 

The same day Mary Porter was Bapt daughter of 
Gylbert Porter Traveller 
Septebr The 29 day of Septebr was Baptized Penelope 
29 Pullyn daughter of Willm Pullyn and Joan his 



October 3 The 10 day of October Wilim Groome was 
3 Baptized sonn of AVillm Groome and Allie bis wife 
14 The 14 day of October Richard Cripps was Bap- 
tized sonne of John Cripps and his wyfe 

November The 1 day of November Anne Davyes was bap- 
1 tized daughter of Wiilm Davies and Elsabeth his 

Christnings Ano dni 1626 
Anno 1626 
April The 12 day of Apl John Chripps was Baptized sone 

12 of John Chripps and Mary his wyfe. 

June The 14 day of June Mary Buckmaster was Baptized 

14 daughter of John Buckmaster and his wyfe. 

Juli The 8 th day of Julie Frauncis Joans was Baptized 
daughter of Frauncis Joans and Ann his wyfe. 

The 10 th day of Julie Robert Gurney wy dower and 
Joan Fenn wydow were mariecl. 

Juli 8 The 8 th day of Julie Willm Wigge was Buried 
The 9 tb of Julie John Sewster was Buried 

August 4 The 4 day of August John Stocking of Ridge 
in the countie of Hartf and Lzabell Plumer of Stuteley 
was maried wyth a lycens 

The 20 th day of August Jhon Smythe was Bapti: 

sonn of Roger Smyth of and Joan his wyfe 

The 24 day of August Job Cutler was Bapt d . sonn of 
John C u tier and Joan his wyfe 

Auguste The 10 th of August Foskett was Bapt. sonn 

of John Foskett and his wyfe 


The xxvj th day of September Francis Taylor of Aspley in 

the Countie of Bedf & Jane Meade of Stuteley in 

the counte of Buck were maried wyth a licens from the 

October The 1 day of October Richard Shepperd was 
1 Bapti: sonn of Thomas Shepperd and Allice his 
The same day John Smyth was bapt sonn of John 

Smyth and Rohday his wyfe 
The 18 day of Octber Jean Stapp was Bapt daughter 
of Burnard Stapp and Ann his wyfe 

October The 15 day of October Richard Bailye and Francis 
15 Sewster were maried 


November The 14 day of November Henry Willowbie was 

14 baptized sonne of Edward Willowbie gent and 

Rebecka his wyfe 

December The 24 day of December Thomas Chaundler was 

24 Baptized sonn of William Chaundler and Elizabeth 

his wife 

The same day John Davies was Bapt sonn of Will 

Davies and Elizabeth his wyfe 

Februari The 4 of Februari Martha Toms was Bapt daugh- 

4 ter of Richard Toms Junior and Mari his wyfe 


Februar The 14 day of Februari Robert Tourney of Stute- 
14 ley and Prudence Page of Horwood pva widow 
were maried with a licens 


March The 4 day of March Joan Conley was Bapt daughter 
4 of Richard Conley and Margaret his vvyfe 

(To be continued.) 


Dedication of the Sullivan Monument at Durham, 
N.H., Sept. 27, 1894. Concord, KH., 1896. Published 
by the Slate. 8vo., pp. 108. 

This volume, which bears evidence of the careful super- 
vision of the accomplished historian and Secretary of State 
for New Hampshire, is a fit memorial to the honored soldier 
of the Revolution whose name adorns the cover — - Gen. 
John Sullivan. 

Sullivan was born of Irish parentage in that part of 
Dover now Somersworth, N.H., 17 Feb., 1740, and died 
23 Jan., 1705. 

Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents. Vol. III. 
Cleveland, Burrows Bros. 

In our last issue we noticed the preceding volumes in 
this series and in words of no mean praise. The present 
volume relates to Acadia, and covers the period from 1611 
to 1616, comprising documents numbered 13 and 14, being 
a letter and a relation by Pierre Biard. 

The notes appended to the volume by the editor show 
unusual research, and cover every variety in subjects. 

The experiences of Biard in Nova Scotia, the local troubles 
and jealousies, and his final capture by the English form 
several chapters of most interesting and romantic history. 

Early Settlers of Nantucket, their Associates and 
Descendants, compiled by Lydia S. Hinchman. Philadel- 
phia, J. B. Lippincott Co., 1896. 8vo., pp. 159. 


Miss Hinchman has given in an interesting manner the 
story of the beginnings of the settlement at Nantucket, to- 
gether with reliable accounts of the prominent families of 
the island, as stated in the title. The family sketches are 
not entirely confined to Nantucket inhabitants, and thus the 
work promises to be of great service to persons inheriting 
the blood of those hardy islanders. 

A good index is added, and in the appendix alphabetically 
arranged is an invaluable list of marriages and descents. 

John Allen axd Pkcebe Deuel, of Cambridge and 
Peru, N.Y., by Chas. J. North, Buffalo, for private 

This is a circular arranged as a pamphlet, giving a genea- 
logical account of one branch of the Allen family, sent forth 
in the hope of gathering additional information. 

Year-book Society Colonial Wars in Ohio, 1896. 

The registrar of the society, Thos. H. Norton, has ar- 
ranged in simple form the names of the colonial ancestors of 
the thirty-four members of his society. These lists are of 
great use in helping others to complete their records. 

Gleanings of the Richardson Family, being an 
account of one line of the descend/ nts of samuel 
Richardson, compiled by Joseph Hammond, of Swanzey, 
N.H. This pamphlet is the work of one who toward the 
close of a long and useful life has devoted much time to the 
history of families in which he is interested. A former 
genealogy of similar scope, but concerning the Hammonds, 
was issued a few years ago. Mr. Hammond was the chief 
supporter and earnest colaborator of the "History of 

Col. Thomas Goldtiiwaite — Was he a Tory ? by R. 
G. Carter, U.S.A. 

One hundred pages of proofs that he was not a Tory 


should convince most persons that Colonel Goldthwaite was 
loyp.l to his country, even though, like many other prominent 
and wealthy men, he was finally driven to seek protection in 

It is one of the sad features of any revolutionary enterprise 
that there are always self-assertive, independent men whose 
motives are misconstrued by some, and misrepresented by 
others, for temporary gain. Goldthwaite appears to have 
been a worthy man who had incurred the violent hatred of 
some of the popular and reckless leaders on the frontier and 
suffered accordingly. Not all of the doings of the more 
violent and ignorant among the "patriots" of '76 will bear 
close investigation without convincing a careful student that 
the colonies narrowly escaped great evils. 

A List of some American Genealogies v which have 
been printed in book form, arranged in alphabetical order by 
Thomas Allen Glenn. 8vo., cloth, gilt top, net $2.00. 
Henry T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia. 

Genealogical investigation has increased to such an extent 
in this country of late years that a compilation of titles of 
American genealogies is of great value to librarians, biog- 
raphers, and historians, as well as those engaged in the 
fascinating pursuit of genealogy. 

Cross-references, when more than one family may be found 
in the work, are given in many cases. 

This unique bibliography, a part of which has been appear- 
ing monthly in the " Literary Era," was compiled by Thomas 
Allen Glenn, an authority on American genealogy and her- 
aldry, and whose efforts as a student of Pennsylvania and 
Jersey family history have been especially appreciated. 


Perry. — Who were the ancestors of John Ferry and wife Rebecca, captured at burn- 
ing of Ft. Massachusetts, 1746, by French and Indians? Also, names of wives of John Perry, 
b. 1605; John Perry, b. 1720. See Bond's Watertown. 

Wanted. — The ancestry of Joseph White, who married Mary O'Kcnnedy, of County 
Waterford, Ireland. 

He served at one time in British Navy (would like record of his services). He joined 
the Irish Rebellion in 1796, and came to America with hi^ wife and family and friend 
Thomas Addis Emmet, landing at Staten Islaud in 1804. 


The Ai .:. can ft mthly Magazine, 

Published by the Nan Society Daughters American 
Revolution at Washington, D.C. 

Devoted to American History and Patriotism and edited by 
Mrs* Mary S. LockwoocL 

$1.00 pet Year, Beginning July, 1895, Vol. VII, No. 1. 

All communications relating to orders for Magazines or to the business manag 
should be addressed: The Business Manager American Monthly Magazine, Was! Lngton 
Loan and Trust Building, Washington, D.C Money should be sent by check or money 
order, drawn payable to Business Manager American Monthly Magazine. Cash or postal 
note at sender's risk. 


Putnam's Ancestral Charts.' 

The most complete and concise system for recording ancestry. Specially 
arranged pages for description of coats-of-arms, heirlooms, portraits, etc., etc. 

Price,' Cloth, $1.50. 
ilEST Be sure to ask for Putnam's. 

Tabular View Charts for recording ancestors. Simple, neat, and 

50" CENTS. 

'.; . EBEN PUTNAM, Salem, Mass. 


(Jiwertcan Historical Registe 




H. E. BOWEN & CO., .... Publishers, 

No. 4 Liberty Square, Boston, Mass. 

(Successors to the Historical Register Publishing Co., 120 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia.) 


« , {leal 1 

'-.'; Pul \3f2ed by. Eben Putnam. 

Prices Quoted for any Family or Town History 
ohiainah/e. Enclose 2*cent stamp. 

Salem records of births, 'marriages a?id deaths for the first century, 
and the earliest wills on record, together with Salem land g'ra.nts, 
have been printed in the Essex Institute Historical Collections, 

Salem Marriage Intentions. Vol. I., paper. On account of the very fncom- 
plete nature of Salem vital records; during the period covered by this volume, 
the Intentions are immensely valuable ........ $0.75 

Gloucester, Mass. hart II. Babson's Notes and Additions to his History of 
Gloucester. Full indexes to Parts I. and II. Contains continuations of Glouces- 
ter genealogies ............. 1,50 

History of the Putnam Family in England and America. Vol. I., by I ben 

Putnam. Vol. II. in preparation. Price is for both volumes . . . 15.00 

Putnam Leaflets. Vol. I.". Relates to Putnam and Putman families . \ . . 1.50 
'ogical History of the Descendants of Stephen and Ursula Streecer, 
by M B. Strceter, with a sketch of the family in England, compiled from 
original records by Eben Putnam . . . . . . . . .5.00 

Descendants of John, Christopher and William Osgood, edited by Eben 

Putnam .............. 7.50 

Military and Naval Annals of the Town of Danvers, compiled for the 
town by Eben Putnam. The parentage and children of soldiers are given, and 
as the record covers over 250 years, a vast amount of genealogical material is 
incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . .1.50 

History of Swanzey, N.H., with genealogies . 0.00 

Treat Genealogy, by J. H. Treat . . 7 50 

Chute Genealogies, together with genealogical sketches of 40 allied families, 

especially of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia . . . . . . 5.00 

Manchester, Mass. Town records, 2 vols . . 10.00 

Ancestral Charts, designed for an ancestral family record. Very complete. 

By Putnam and Guild . . . . - . . . . . . . 1.50 

Emery Genealogy . . . . . 6 .00 

Balch Genealogy. In press 7.50 

Salem Witchcraft in Outline. The story of the delusion concisely told. 

Paper . . . " ■ .50 

Concise Whist. Rules for beginners at whist . . . . . . . .50 

Porter Leaflets, a inonthly publication devoted to the history and genealogy of 

the Porters." Now in its first volume. Per annum 1.00 

Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine. Vols. I., II., III., IV., 1892-1896. 

- • per volume . .... . . . . . . . . . 8.00 

Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record, 2 vols., 1890-1892. Became 
Putnam's Mo. Hist. Mag.; sold only to subscribers to the latter; price 
quoted upon application. Cannot always be supplied. Odd numbers 'purchased. 


Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass., 80 volumes. 
Chiefly gleanings from Essex county, town and parish records, together with 
genealogies of Essex county families. Complete set ..... 125.00 
* A few volumes may be had separately. 

Emmerton and Waters' Gleanings from English Records about New England 
families, bound with Waters' abstracts from the Marriage Allegations of the 
Bishop of London. Fully indexed . . . . . . . . . 5. 00 

Soldiers- in King Philip's War. Second edition. By Rev. Geo. M. Bodge. 

Salem Town Records. Vol. I. Indexed . . 15.00 

Pamphlets upon various Essex county families and genealogical and historical 

topics, bv note I 1 en tlogi 



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